Hi, my name is Tonya!

Hello! My love of photography started when I was twelve, as I grew up watching my grandfather taking photos of me and the world around us.

I have been behind the lens of a camera for nearly eighteen years! Every click of my camera is a memory captured forever that would otherwise be gone in a fleeting moment.

I take pride in every photo that I take. Each one is hand-edited by me. When someone passes on, photos are all we have left of them and for that reason, I never apologize for always being behind the camera. Photography is truly my passion. It is the most relaxing chaos you will ever experience and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than thriving in the chaos of a wedding or the screaming of a toddler that would rather be anywhere else.

When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy spending time with my son; Oliver. I also spend a lot of my time writing and, occasionally, editing. I have previously worked at Walt Disney World and I strongly advocate for children with Autism and other special needs.

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Tabitha & Jonny

After I was scammed by someone else to do our wedding photos I was frantically looking for someone that I could not only afford, but trust, that’s when I ran across Tonya. Not only was she very understanding of my problem trusting someone again she also went out of her way to make me a deal knowing I was already out $1200 by the other guy. She did everything possible to keep in contact with me and reassure me she would be there, all the way up to the day of when she hit traffic but still messaged me letting

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